Thursday, April 30, 2015

Commissioned Mid-Century Modern Hutch - SOLD

This custom project gave us a great opportunity to dedicate some serious time to researching beautiful designer wall coverings.   We all swooned (our client and ourselves) over this Aimee Wilder/ Ivana Helsinki tiger print wallpaper.  It was just perfect for our client's sophisticated kids room, and the gold detailing was a beautiful compliment the hutch's existing hardware.  We chose the charcoal paint color to compliment the gold elements, and to coordinate with the existing color palette in our client's kids room.  We decided to keep some stained elements as well to maintain some warmth, add interest, and to pay homage to the original design of the piece.  This custom project was truly a collaborative effort with our client and ourselves. We kept an open dialogue throughout the entire process: finding and securing the right hutch, redesigning it, and making our vision a reality.  We were all very pleased with the result.  

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