Monday, November 24, 2014

Customizable Full-Size Jenny Lind Bed - SOLD

Professionally refinishing spindle beds is very tedious work, but the result (and the impact that these pieces have on a room) is stunning.  We now have in our hands this lovely antique Jenny Lind bed frame.  It is solidly crafted, and was most likely manufactured in the late 1800s (prior to 1870, when box-springs were invented and bed sizes became standardized).  In the past, we have received inquiries from our clients regarding custom colors on Jenny Lind beds, so we decided to post before photos of this one to re-gauge that interest.  This particular one includes a headboard, a foot board, and two wooden size rails (which are not pictured).  The space between the side rails on this bed is not a standard width for accommodating a full/double size box spring, so we plan to build a solid platform that will rest atop the rails. This platform will eliminate the need for a box spring.  The height of the platform will be approximately 17" from the floor, which would be a comfortable height for a child.  Fully assembled, this bed frame measures: 53 1/4"W x 80"L.  The head board is 37"H.  The foot board is 35"H.  Our price for fully customizing this bed is $775, with local delivery included.  We can have this bed finished and delivered within one week of purchase.

Here are some photos of spindle beds that we have done in the past:

And in case you've ever been curious, here is a link to a little history on the real Jenny Lind, and the furniture style named after her:

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