Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Wood + Steel Blanket Ladders - $95-$125

We hand-crafted this pair of blanket ladders from wood beams (reclaimed from an old house in Somerville, MA) and some salvaged steel piping.  Swing by The Barn at Todd Farm (at 275 Main St. in Rowley) to check them out!

Graphite Campaign Dresser by Drexel - $695

When we salvaged this campaigner, it was missing a handful of its brass corner pieces, so we made the decision to nix all but the drawer pulls.  We love how the stand-alone pop of brass on the drawer fronts combined with the white top on this piece set it apart from other redesigned campaign-style dressers currently on the market.  This piece measures: 52"W x 19"D x 30"H.

Stanley 6-Drawer MCM Lowboy - $795

Stanley Furniture made some really beautiful pieces in the 1960s.  This lowboy is from a Stanley collection that we will continue to seek out for our inventory of redesigned/refinished pieces.  The top surface of this piece is white.  The wood on the body has been restored.  It measures: 52"W x 18 1/2"D x 30"H. 

Commissioned Floating Desk by Hooker - SOLD

This is one of our latest redesigns...a commissioned project for a Blue Lamb client.  This desk was manufactured circa 1960 by the Hooker Furniture Company.  It was missing its original front sliding panel, so we built it a new one, and we gave the desk a whole new identity with this unique paint treatment.

This is the opposite side of the desk:

And here are the before photos:

Commissiiond Gray MCM Style Highboy - SOLD

We custom designed and built this highboy for a Blue Lamb client.  Our client had purchased one of our redesigned vintage lowboys this summer, and had asked us to find it a mate.  Our resolution (as vintage pieces are often one-of-a-kind) was to build her a new piece with the same lines, proportions, and details.  We sourced the beautiful brass pulls on both of these pieces from Rejuvenation.

Here is a photo of the lowboy:

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Twin Jenny Lind Bed Frame - $395

We adore Jenny Linds! This classic beauty was manufactured in the late 1800s-early 1900s.  The frame includes a headboard, a foot board, two side rails, and 3 slats that will support a box spring.  We recommend purchasing a low-profile box spring due to the thickness of modern mattresses.  Fully assembled, this bed frame measures: 41 1/2" W x 80 1/2"L.  The headboard measures: 38"H.  The foot board measures: 27"H.  

Monday, January 8, 2018

4-Drawer Vintage Bow-Front Dresser - SOLD

Bow-front dressers are classic beauties that I don't imagine Phil and I will ever get tired of.  We love their lines, and their versatility.  Many of our clients purchase them for their nurseries to be used initially as changing tables.  Their size makes them perfectly suited for the job.  This one is now on the market.  It measures: 46"W x 22"D x 35"H.